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Athens Travel Guide

Athens_Greece_Acropolis_MuseumAthens Travel Guide gives you handy information on the city and the interesting things you can do in and around, like organized tours and cruises, vacation packages and short walks.
Athens is a modern city with about 4.500.000 in-habitants almost 40% of the population of Greece. Modern buildings, small parks, new metro and roads are welcoming the tourists. The city of sun and inspiration, the city of philosophy and democracy, the city of poetry and drama, the city of old and modern. Come here and let yourself free to imagine, to admire, to become one of city’s inhabitants.
The Acropolis invites you and drives you to learn all the secrets of the past as early as the beginning of humanity and culture. We welcome you to see the oldest city of the world and the oldest monument, the Parthenon.
The new Acropolis Museum was designed with two objectives: the first to offer the best conditions for the exhibition of its exhibits and secondly to be a Museum that welcomes and befriends its visitors. A walk through its galleries is a walk through history , between the masterpieces of the Archaic and Classical periods, but also in the ancient neighborhoods of Athens. The Museum offers many opportunities for rest and recreation, as well as a visitor friendly environment for some of the most emblematic works of antiquity.
We welcome you to enjoy the superb weather of the world and taste the Greek specialties. If you are returning to Athens you will discover a new wave of changes to all levels, most done for the 2004 Olympics. All public and private buildings are renovated and make the city looking brilliant and fresh. During the spring, Summer and Autumn, Athens festival takes place at the Herod Atticus theater (Drama, comedy, music and dance performances) and the Lycabettus festival. Also many other festivals held in the neighboring suburbs of Athens. While in Athens you can go to Epidaurus festival during July and August. You may also visit the Student Club House with particular architectural design, Ilion Melathron (former Supreme Court), the Coins collection and Mela Megaron in Kotzia Square. The former Gus production station area; Visit the National Theater near Omonia Square and watch a live performance.
Athens Music Megaron is a grand imposing building connected strongly to Athenian cultural and music development.  
   Aegina Island
   Ancient Agora
   Archaeological Museum
   Cape Sounion
   Daphni Monastery
   Eleusis Museum
   Eleusis Site
   Hydra Island
   Keramikos Museum
   Museum Sculptures
   Poros Island
   Roman Agora
   Temple of Zeus
There are many restaurants (with Greek and international food) and traditional tavernas, with or without music, especially at the Plaka (old city) area. For the night life there are many night clubs with bouzouki music and modern dancing hits. A new concert hall together with the National theater and the National opera house are available.
A big variety of shops, from the flea market in Monastiraki to the famous international stores and the best Greek jewelry. Near Athens there are many beaches for swimming. Athens has an average of 300 days of sunshine and mild climate. Athens can be the center for many excursions to the mainland Greece, the Greek islands and for many cruises to the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas.

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Athens Rhodes Santorini Mykonos 12 days vacation package. With this tour, you visit the most cosmopolitan islands of Greece and a beach city, Marmaris in Turkey with a day trip. Enjoy the sun and the sea in the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea.
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Athens mini cruise Delphi folklore show 5 days vacation. Visit Athens and the legendary Acropolis and its Museum, get inspired by the Oracle at Ancient Delphi, get a taste of Greek Islands with the mini cruise to Aegina, Poros and Hydra.
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Athens Milos Santorini Mykonos Greek Islands vacation 10 days. Athens and three famous islands in just 10 days. Discover the volcanic island of Milos with the exotic beaches. Enjoy a cruise in the volcano and admire the best sunset of the world in Santorini. Lay down on the famous beaches of Mykonos during the day and taste the unique night life of this world known island.
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Greek island honeymoon Paros Naxos Santorini 10 days Enjoy your honeymoon or relaxed vacation in these Islands with the sandy beaches and the day and night life. Taste the Greek and Mediterranean food, relax in the open air cafés, give or renew your love vows at Santorini sunset or Volcano Cruise
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Rhodes Crete Santorini Mykonos holiday package. Visit the most famous Greek islands, admire the sandy beaches, enjoy the sea and the sun and the clear deep blue waters of the Aegean sea. Taste real Greek and Mediterranean food.
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Zakynthos Santorini Mykonos Athens 11 days vacation A perfect combination of Ionian and the Aegean Sea with visits to three Greek islands each one with its own character. Splendid beaches, gorgeous scenery, nightlife and more...
Mykonos Myconos Island Greece
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Greece Honeymoon Package Mykonos Santorini. Visit Athens and know the Acropolis and the rest of Athens  and the world famous Islands of Mykonos with the incredible night life and Santorini with the most admired sunset. Leave the romance enjoying the Santorini Volcano Cruise, taste the Greek and Mediterranean food.
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Delphi 3 day cruise Greek Islands Turkey Athens. With this d days vacation you know Athens, visit Ancient Delphi, known as the center of earth and with the cruise you visit Ancient Ephesus in Turkey and four of the most famous Greek islands.
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Cefalonia Zakynthos Santorini Athens Vacation package 10 days. Combination of Ionian and Aegean Sea. Admire the beauties of Zakynthos and Cefalonia and famous Santorini. Go very close to volcanic islands opposite Santorini on the volcano cruise. Taste the Greek and Mediterranean food.
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Mykonos Elegant Honeymoon Vacation 8 days Elegant Honeymoon or just Vacation? Enjoy Athens and visit the Acropolis  and taste the Greek life in a night Folk sow. Leave in style and elegance in Mykonos with a private tour  in the Island of the international jet set in 8 days full of romance.

Athens mini stay Delphi vacation 4 days 05/04/2017 - 31/03/2019

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Athens mini stay Delphi vacation 4 days Athens guided sightseeing tour with visit to Acropolis and its Museum, Athens By night tour with folk Dances,  Dinner and Greek Music. Full day bus tour to Archaeological Site of Delphi with lunch.
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Athens Santorini Volcano Cruise Mykonos 8 days Famous Mykonos, beautiful Santorini, always-trendy Athens! See Acropolis and its Museum and continue to Mykonos to enjoy the sea, the sun and the night life. On Santorini swim in the black sandy beaches during the half day Volcano Cruise and admire the sunset from the Caldera in Fira town.
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