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    Apply for assistance.

    There’s nothing wrong with the need.

    You’re a young woman in college, so to be financially stable, probably not in the cards right now (unless your parents are doing well). The government has several programs that can help you raise your child …

    If you have too much pride to ask for help, you have to eliminate this feeling, because raising a child is not easy. You need all the help you can get …

    This will be a great help for your baby, because every month they give you a \”ticket\” with a list of food for your baby, which you can go to the supermarket for free. Yes, free! WIC is usually provided until your child is about 2-3 years …

    Everyone knows what it is. Once you have approved the benefits, you will be given a postcard to be called.

    6. Search for Day Care.

    Ask your parents if they’re ready to watch the baby while you’re at school or working …

    If they have conflicts with graphics, we need to conduct adequate research for a good day care. You must always be very careful with who you leave your children with, because no one can love and take care of them the way you choose the day care that is very important for you and your baby. You need people who can be trusted …

    Check all references, talk to other parents and get the best care of the child ..

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    Now that you’re a mother, you have to mentally prepare yourself for the real world, because it’s not that good. Use 9 months to train yourself through difficult times, which, hopefully, mentally, emotionally and physically prepare yourself to remain strong for you and your little …

    In peace, love and happiness.

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